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In the U.S. each year, there are nearly three million incidents of workers being injured on the job. As top Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY, we know that these injuries are serious. Around five thousand workers who are injured in work accidents won’t survive. These are stunning figures that should make anyone who works with their hands or backs pause. Injuries overwhelmingly occur to workers who labor manually, whether it’s in construction, landscaping, sanitation, food service, or transportation.

These injuries are sometimes the result of a negligent boss or owner trying to save a nickel; at other times, the carelessness just comes from people overlooking or ignoring a problem; or it could be a defective piece of equipment that is the fault of the manufacturer. Although one may seem worse than the others, the attitude or intent doesn’t determine if someone has experienced an injury due to unsafe equipment and if they have a case. What is important is that someone was hurt by a faulty piece of equipment and it was not that person’s fault.

Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY knows that these injuries are costly in so many ways. In some cases, injuries are permanent, cost someone their career and even a loss of enjoyment of their life. Whether the injured person is a laborer, tradesman, or supervisor, those are the people bringing home the money that helps their families to live. Workman’s comp can help, but it covers only two-thirds of wages lost and doesn’t take care of healthcare costs or pain and suffering. And the injury could make it impossible for someone to progress in their career and improve their future earnings. They could be entitled to much more compensation than an employer or insurance company is offering.

What is an Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY?

An Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY is a personal injury attorney who specializes in workplace accidents and is trained and experienced in identifying cases where someone has been injured due to unsafe equipment. An Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY has access to experts, excellent negotiating skills, and will fight for you and your family to help you recover from your injuries. For instance, an Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY can tell you that just under 25 of every 10,000 full-time workers will be injured on the job every year, and the total number of workers injured due to contact with objects and equipment is actually higher than those who are hurt in slips, trips, and falls.

What is “unsafe equipment”?

Unsafe equipment is an umbrella term that can include both manufacturer and design defects, as well as conditions that can arise from poor maintenance and replacement practices. Unsafe equipment can include items like forklifts or palate jacks in warehouses, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers in landscaping or ladders and scaffolding on construction sites or in retail outlets. All of these items require careful, regular inspection, maintenance, or replacement or they can pose a serious hazard to workers.

What kind of jobs or industries are at high risk for injuries from unsafe equipment?

Dangerous industries include construction, transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, education and health, and utilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, routine occupations that most frequently suffer injuries on the job include:

The construction and landscaping industries rank high on this list. Roofers, construction supervisors, construction helpers, construction workers, construction equipment operators and painters are exposed to many of the same risks at sites where safety and maintenance practices can take a back seat to the speedy completion of a job. The same holds true for landscaping supervisors and landscapers. That means that you or your injured family member, as a worker in this trade, were potentially exposed to a level of risk that was unnecessarily greater than it needed to be.

What can happen if I’m hurt on the job?

Chances are you will be spending time away from work. The median number of days away from work (DAFW) due to an injury was eight for 2018, which is about the same whether that involves an emergency room visit or not. However, if in-patient hospitalization is required for an injury, the median number leaps to 41 days. When you return to work, you could experience days of job transfer or restriction (DJTR). This is often done to help someone recover from an injury, but it could result in a loss of status and income on the job.

If I’m injured, what kind of money could I lose?

If you are one of those unfortunate people who is hospitalized and misses 41 days of work, you will lose about three weeks of pay even with workman’s comp. That’s a best-case scenario where an injured worker recovers fully and can resume his normal job after 41 days. Unfortunately, without workman’s comp, you will have to come up with another plan to cover some portion of the nine weeks of pay you could lose. And this doesn’t account for tens of thousands of dollars in potential hospital and rehabilitation bills. Unfortunately, back injuries are among the most common and those can persist for years or even a lifetime, requiring regular therapeutic treatment.

How much will it cost to hire an Unsafe Equipment Lawyer Bronx NY?

Attorneys who take on your case will typically work on a contingency basis, which means that it costs you no out-of-pocket money and the firm will instead accept a percentage of the settlement, which is typically 33-percent of the damages recovered, as the fee. The firm will also outline in its retainer agreement how expenses are handled. It’s important that you carefully review this with any firm you discuss your case with.

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With more than 80 years of combined experience as personal injury practice with ample experience as Unsafe Equipment Lawyers Bronx NY, our firm provides a broad range of resources available to help us fight for you. We have worked with people in different occupations and understand the potential difficulties and complexities of each case. We are proud of our level of determination and will not stop until the highest possible payout has been granted in your case. Contact us today for a free case review.



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