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Neck and back injuries are some of the most serious injuries an individual could face. The neck is an essential part of the body because of the support it gives to the head and vital nerves connected to the brain; as such, any injury that harms the neck can be especially dangerous to the victim. Depending on the force of impact, damage to the tiny vertebrae on the neck can range from torn ligaments to paralysis.

If an act of negligence from another individual has resulted in a neck or back injury, obtain legal assistance from a Neck & Back Injury Lawyer Bronx NY.

Back injuries are equally as severe because they can involve injury to oft-used muscles and tendons, as well as damage to the spinal cord. Injuries to the back can be life-changing and lead to chronic pain and other symptoms, such as weakness in the muscles, numbness, and tingling.
As sensitive portions of the body, the neck and back can suffer severe injuries in many circumstances. Both types of injuries can substantially change your life, especially if you do not have the financial abilities to protect your wellbeing.

Why You Need a Neck & Back Injury Lawyer Bronx NY?

Have you or a loved one suffered a back or neck injury? Negligent individuals can cause accidents that not only result in physical damage but financial harm as well. Treatments can be very expensive, especially when the victim is out of work. Our Neck & Back Injury Lawyer Bronx NY at Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law can help you obtain the legal compensation necessary to offset damages. Our firm can use our 40 years of experience to help you achieve what you deserve. Legal representation from our Neck & Back Injury Lawyer Bronx NY can help present your claim in an effort to obtain the maximum possible compensation. Contact us today!

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