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Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY Feiner & Lavy Law Firm

Knee replacement surgery can restore an active, pain-free lifestyle, but for some, it can lead to pain, additional surgery, or even life-threatening infections. If you or a family member is suffering from severe pain or difficulty following knee replacement surgery, you should consult with a Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY.

Knee replacement surgery is a growing procedure. By 2030, there are projected to be 3.5 million knee replacement operations performed in the U.S. annually, which is up from 750,000 in 2017. Most of these are terrific success stories, but not all. There are patients who experience problems following knee replacement.

This can be due to a defective device. During the year 2020, the FDA issued more than 50 recalls on knee replacement devices and parts. Some of the companies involved in past recalls include Zimmer, DePuy, Encore Medical, Smith & Nephew, ConMed, Biomet, Cardinal Health 200, Stryker, and Gentell.

Complications can also arise from the surgical procedure, which, while largely safe, can lead to some patients suffering an infection, blood clots, deep vein thromboses, osteolysis (a weakening of the bone around the replacement joint), or long-term stiffness and pain.


If you have experienced any of these problems, call a Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY to see if you are eligible for compensation due to a defective device or a medical issue arising from surgery.

How long is my knee replacement supposed to last?

Most replacement knees are rated to last 15-to-20 years or longer if they are not defective and have been correctly installed. This means that if the device should fail before that time, you should consult a Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY to see if you should pursue a lawsuit.

They said they’d replace the defective device. Why should I talk to a lawyer?

The remedy for a problem with a defective knee replacement is called a revision, which is the medical term for having a second procedure. Even if the doctor, hospital or device manufacturer will cover some of the revision costs, you are still left without being able to work for a period of time, you have experienced unnecessary pain and suffering, and there could be additional, uncovered medical expenses as a result. We believe that a faulty device should not cost you at all.

What information should I have when I talk to a Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY?

It is important for you to keep as complete a set of records as possible. Knowing when you had your surgery, where and when you completed rehabilitation, the brand of the device that was installed, whether the device was the subject of a recall, any information you received from the manufacturer, and what you and your doctor have been doing to manage the pain or symptoms since the problem was identified. All of these are important items for a lawyer to have when they begin to assess your case.

I think I have a claim. What should I do now?

Call a Knee Replacement Lawyer Bronx NY who will fight for your injury claim. At Feiner & Lavy, we pride ourselves on being able to handle a variety of different cases, and our expertise in the legal process enables us to move quickly and efficiently in filing your case, investigating your claim, and helping you through a very difficult process. We are a flexible firm with far-reaching legal expertise and are well respected in the legal community. Call us today for a free consultation at 212-393-9130.