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Drugstore Mistake Lawyer Bronx NY Feiner & Lavy Law Firm

More than a million people are injured every year and thousands die when they are given the wrong medication. These errors are often preventable, but they keep happening in growing numbers.

If you are reading this, you, a family member, or someone you know has been made sick or worse because they got the wrong drugs. If that mistake happened at a drugstore, you need a Drugstore Mistake Lawyer Bronx NY to fight for you to get the best settlement to recover from your injury.

The wrong medication, an incorrect dose, or mistakes on the label, such as instructing the patient to take the medication too frequently or not often enough, are the kind of mistakes that can be incredibly dangerous.

When you walk into a drugstore to get medication, you believe the prescription will help you to get well, and you trust them not to cause harm. Unfortunately, it’s a human business and mistakes can happen, and that’s when people suffer an injury. This is when you need a Drugstore Mistake Lawyer Bronx NY.


What kind of injuries or illnesses can happen from a drug mistake?

Taking the wrong drugs can be incredibly dangerous. Allergic or adverse reactions to a drug can be very severe. People can suffer physical or neurological problems because they took the wrong drug or took medication in combination with another drug that made them sick. They could develop a dependency on the drugs issued in error or it could make the ailment much worse. The results of a drugstore mistake can be completely unpredictable.

More than a million mistakes a year? Why do these problems happen so often?

A million is a big number, but there are well more than four billion prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. every year. It’s big business! Drugstores have moved from being largely mom-and-pop businesses to being controlled by big corporations. Somewhere around 65% of the business is dominated by chains or large retailers, who put a big emphasis on cash flow. They have qualified pharmacists on staff but need to supplement their work by employing less expensive pharmaceutical technicians. If these staffers become distracted, careless or overwhelmed due to staffing shortages, mistakes can happen due to negligence.

I’ve been the victim of a drugstore mistake. What do I need to do?

Be sure not to throw away anything! Sometimes people react harshly and that opens a door to someone denying wrongdoing. Save the unused medicine, the bottle, instructions and any receipts. If you have been in touch with the drugstore, write down a careful account of what they told you. And, if you’ve received any medical treatment, write down where you were treated and what happened. All of this will be very helpful in building a case.

I am ready to talk to someone. What should I do now?

Call a Drugstore Mistake Lawyer Bronx NY who will fight for your injury claim. At Feiner & Lavy, we pride ourselves on being able to handle a variety of different cases, and our expertise in the legal process enables us to move quickly and efficiently in filing your case, investigating your claim, and helping you through a very difficult process. We are a flexible firm with far-reaching legal expertise and are well respected in the legal community. Call us today for a free consultation at 212-393-9130.