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If you have been attacked by an animal, you know what a terrifying and traumatizing experience it can be. Along with the personal injury you may have sustained, you might also be experiencing emotional damage or loss of income as a result of the dog attack. You could fight for compensation for each of these areas by holding the dog owner responsible with legal assistance from a New York personal injury attorney.

Repercussions of a Dog Bite

Every year it is estimated that there are around 4.7 million dog bites that occur. These can range in severity, with some of them being easily recovered from, while around 800,000 individuals require medical attention. From those that require medical attention, around 380,000 will need to be treated in the emergency department. A dog bite can lead to many outcomes, including damage to the skin that requires a skin graft, or even the possibility of an infection.

Without immediate attention, a dog bite could become infected and cause serious illness. One of the most common infections is tetanus, which appears about a week after the bacteria enters the wound. Symptoms include stiffness in the neck and jaw area, difficulty swallowing, body spasms, and fever. Staph infections are common as well, and could cause skin infections, blood poisoning, or toxic shock syndrome. And of course, a dog bite could cause a person to be infected with the rabies virus if the animal was rabid at the time of the attack.

Bronx Dog Bite Attorney

It is often children who are most susceptible to a dog bite. Without the understanding of how dangerous they may be and when playing can become too rough, they may fail to notice the signs in an animal when they are giving warning that they may attack. Certain precautions should be taken by both a dog owner and those that are interacting with a dog to decrease the chance of attacks. Education is one of the greatest factors in prevention.

Medical treatment for a dog bite is vital and almost always expensive. Don’t pay for such treatment if the dog owner is to blame. Hire a dog bite lawyer from Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law to build a case against the negligent pet owner and fight for compensation. Our firm has been practicing law in Georgia for more than 40 years, over which time we have acquired extensive resources and skills that we could use on your behalf. Learn more by calling today and scheduling a consultation with a member of our legal team. Contact a Bronx dog bite lawyer from our firm today for quality counsel and vigorous representation.

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