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Because motorcycles do not offer their riders much protection from the road or other vehicles, victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer severe, and even fatal, injuries. There are many causes of these types of crashes; however, it has been found that a primary cause is the fact that drivers of larger passenger vehicles often have difficulty viewing the smaller motorcycles and their riders when riding in traffic. This can also stem from drivers who are simply distracted or inattentive, which can cause substantial damage.

Although there are actions that a motorcycle rider can take to avoid injuries, such as wearing protective riding gear, one act of negligence on the part of another driver can change the motorcyclist’s life forever. Whatever the cause of the motorcycle accident, victims will likely require compensation for their injuries. Our Bronx injury attorneys can help you know what compensation you may be entitled to following a crash.

After a Motorcycle Accident in the Bronx

Drivers of large vehicles often act recklessly and fail to pay complete attention to the motorcycle riders who share the road. If you have been involved in a similar situation, it is imperative to speak with a Bronx motorcycle accident attorney to fight for the compensation you need for a full recovery. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, and medical expenses. It may prove beneficial to compile your medical records and notate everything that took place during the accident.

Any information can be helpful when filing for compensation. At Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to offering high-quality legal assistance to all of our clients. We can help you prepare a solid defense case that is aimed at helping you obtain the just compensation you deserve. Contact our Bronx motorcycle accident attorneys today if you need more information on what to do after an accident.

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