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Everyone who has suffered personal injury because of an accident caused by another person deserves to be represented by a dedicated and experienced attorney. At Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law, we have been expanding our experience, knowledge, and skill in personal injury litigation for over 40 years. Fighting for compensation without legal representation will more than likely end in failure. Insurance companies aggressively defend themselves with the aid of attorneys, so it is only logical to fight back with a New York City personal injury lawyer on your side.

By speaking with a member of our legal team today, you could soon learn how we could help you fight for compensation using our broad range of skills and resources that we have acquired over the years. We are dedicated to the success of each client’s case and vigorously defend their financial stability, offering reasonable legal rates so that affordability is not an issue. If you have been injured in an accident of any kind, our firm could help you build a strong case and win the highest possible payout for your personal injury. We have experience in all areas of personal injury law, including the following:

Car Accidents
Given that the majority of travelling done today is by car, many personal injuries are a result of car accidents. Causes include distracted drivers, drunk drivers, dangerous roads and much more. Thousands of lives are affected each year by the outcome of a car accident and many of the victims deal with significant medical costs and emotional trauma.

Dog Bites
Animal attacks can cause emotional damage as well as physical damage due to the trauma of the event. Serious medical conditions such as tetanus and rabies can also result from subsequent injuries. An owner may be responsible for the injuries that their dog inflicted and these instances should be assessed by a professional.

Medical Malpractice
When you receive medical treatment, you trust the medical personnel to take care of you. Get compensation if you have suffered injury because of medical negligence or harmful intent. Negligence may occur in a number of ways and if it can be shown that a medical professional failed to deliver reasonable care and treatment, there may be grounds for a solid case.

Product Liability
When a product malfunctions in a way that causes injury to the user, the manufacturer or vendor of the product could be held responsible.

Slip & Falls
Though slip and fall accidents are most common in workplace accident scenarios, they can occur in any place where the floor or walkway is not properly cleared or maintained, along with other reasons. This may be the fault of a property owner or other individual and a case should be assessed to determine who is responsible.

Truck Accidents
Causes of truck accidents include tired or drunk drivers, dangerous roads, and improperly loaded trucks. Trucking companies can be very reluctant to admit liability, so make sure you have legal representation.

Bus Accidents
Bus accidents can be devastating and the large size and limited range can make it easy for a collision to take place. There are a number of types of buses that are used and these can have the potential to wreak havoc for both the passengers of the bus and the other vehicles or pedestrians that are hit. These cases should be reviewed by an attorney to determine who is liable and if compensation is owed.

Serious Injuries
All injuries are unfortunate but in some cases, the injuries that are suffered are far more severe and may never be fully recovered from. These can include trauma such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns and more. These need immediate medical attention and a case should consider both the current and future cost of repair.

Defective Products
There are countless products that are currently out on the market for consumer use, and numerous ones added every day. These products should be held to certain standards before they are released for sale, but unfortunately there are many that go by without being tested enough. These can leave consumers with injuries and the need to determine who is responsible.

Nursing Home Abuse
Many of our elderly loved ones are put in nursing homes where they are expected to receive attention and care. While there are many homes that provide this, there are also horrifying stories of the homes where this is not the case. Abuse can come in several forms and it may leave victims with physical and emotional scars.

Pedestrian Accidents
When crossing the street a pedestrian should be given the way. Drivers do not always pay attention to them and they can be struck while going through the intersection, and be left with a range of injuries. Without the protection of a car and seatbelt, many accident victims can require extensive treatment that can be costly and may not always be enough to fix the damage that was done.

Premises Liability
In a premises liability case the focus will be on whether or not a property owner is responsible for the injuries that were sustained. Owning property comes with responsibility and an owner needs to be reasonably cautious. This will be assessed in a case to determine if they were negligent and acted contrary from what a reasonably prudent person would do.

Wrongful Death
In some of the most tragic cases, a loved one can be lost through an accident. This can leave a family mourning, on top of the expenses they have to face when they have already lost so much. Sometimes there is someone that is responsible for the death and they can be pursued for compensation. Family members may be owed for a number of expenses including medical costs and funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

Do I Have a Case?
If you are wondering if you have a case for an injury suffered at the hands of another, one of the best ways to determine that is by allowing a professional to review the details. Their experience and hands on insight into these matters allows them to better assess if the case will stand and be strong enough to retain compensation.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
Personal injury cases are trying and complex. For those that have had to deal with an injury it is more than difficult to try to handle a legal matter, and heal from the incident. An attorney is able to provide extensive knowledge in their field

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With our extensive experience, Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law could provide the legal advice and assistance you need after a personal injury accident. Don’t fight the insurance companies alone! Only a personal injury lawyer will have the detailed understanding of personal injury laws and procedures to properly fight for you and help you obtain maximum compensation. Find out more by calling our firm today and speaking with a member of our legal team. The person responsible for your accident should be brought to justice. Contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible for aggressive representation and advice.