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June 21, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
Bronx Food Poisoning Lawyer
If you’ve been hurt at a restaurant, you may have a good personal injury case. Call the lawyers at Feiner & Lavy today to learn if we can help you to recover damages for your suffering.

Date night is back! Since the end of COVID, restaurants in and around the Bronx are seeing business pick up. Nobody ever dreams of their date ending with a ride to the hospital because of a slip and fall accident, but these things do happen.

The Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy are the people you want on your side if you’re hurt in an accident at a restaurant.

A simple trip to the bathroom or stepping outside to take a quick business call (or brush off that “fake emergency” call and dish a little to your friend) can lead to tragedy. A spill on the floor, a torn or bunched up carpet, a tripping hazard in a dark part of a hallway you couldn’t notice can lead to trouble and boom – you are down for the count. The floor underneath the carpet of a restaurant or beneath the tiles in a bathroom may be hard concrete. And the impact you made when you hit the floor left you knowing you were going to be hurt and hurt badly.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere in a restaurant, but bathrooms and bar areas can be especially dangerous because of the potential for liquids or ice on the floor. In the restroom, a leaky sink or fixture can create puddles that are a hazard, or soap spilled and not properly cleaned up can leave a slick spot. A fall in the restroom can result in someone hitting their head on the sink or other fixture, resulting in more serious damage to a person’s body. Broken bones, whiplash, dental damage, severe lacerations, and damaged knees and hips are all possibilities once you land on hard surfaces.

And it isn’t only inside the restaurant. A poorly maintained sidewalk or parking lot filled with potholes can result in someone taking a nasty fall. If it’s winter and the area isn’t properly cleared and salted, an icy condition can lead to a hard fall that leaves someone flat on their back. Situations like this aren’t fun and can result in a ride to a hospital in an ambulance.

This really isn’t how a date should end.

The next steps are essential, so it’s important to call Feiner & Lavy, the best Bronx personal injury law firm for an accident like this. This is even more urgent if you are injured in a chain restaurant like an Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse or Buffalo Wild Wings. Why? Because these aren’t small operations, but large corporations that make millions and millions of dollars each year. The last thing they want to do is to part with a large settlement or see their insurance bills increase after you fell due to their negligence.

Their lawyers may tell you not to talk to a lawyer because a law firm will never get you more money than their offering. They will tell you that we work on contingency, so you’ll only be handing over money without getting anything more. And they will sound very convincing. But what they’re telling you is not true.

Feiner & Lavy knows that their settlement offer will be low. And we know that it won’t take into account all of the long-term costs of medical care, rehabilitation, transportation, lost wages, or pain and suffering. What’s more, once you accept their settlement, that will be the end for them. If your costs are higher than you thought, that’s just too bad for you.

Our advice is for you to call us as soon as your condition is stable. We hope that your date or whomever you were dining with took pictures of where you fell. Once we get involved, we begin looking to reconstruct your accident to build a strong case to get you a maximum settlement.

Your night out should have come with an expectation of safety and a good time at a restaurant. If the restaurant owner failed to provide a hazard-free environment, then you may have a good case. Feiner & Lavy come armed with investigators and a terrific staff whose goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries. We work on contingency, so it costs you nothing out of pocket to talk with us or to put us to work on your case. As a local firm, we know the Bronx, the courts here and the people who live here. If you believe you have been injured at the hands of another, call us today at 212-393-9130 for a free consultation.


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