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July 19, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
Parking Deck Injury Attorney
If you’ve been injured in a parking lot or parking structure due to a negligent or unsafe condition, contact the law firm of Feiner & Lavy to learn about your best options.

Parking lots and parking garages have the potential to be dangerous for reasons beyond the obvious. Yes, being jumped or being involved in an accident with a vehicle are certainly hazards, but so are less obvious problems like a poorly maintained parking lot or structure that leads to a fall and an injury.

The Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy has a team of lawyers who look at the many angles of potential personal injury cases that involve victims who were hurt through no fault of their own. Injuries in parking lots and parking decks is a problematic area.

What are some of the potential problems? Some parking lots are nothing but broken pavement, filled with potholes and tripping hazards. Some parking decks have surfaces that have turned into an oil-slicked mess due to years of neglect. Some parking facilities go without having snow and ice removed in the legally required time, creating a hazard for pedestrians on their way to their cars. Some parking lots have no lighting, making nighttime navigation a real nightmare. And then there are the real headline makers: a parking structure that collapses or getting hit by a driver in a parking deck.

This last one is just incredible to us. We’ve seen it and you’ve probably seen it: A person goes speeding through a parking deck with no regard to cars pulling out or people walking. Nothing good can come of this, and you can be the person who ends up on the wrong end of that equation.

No matter how you cut it, a parking facility can be a dangerous place, whether it’s at a restaurant, a supermarket or Yankee Stadium. One minute you are walking along minding your own business, and the next you’re on your way to the hospital in an ambulance. And the injuries suffered can be quite severe, from broken bones to whiplash, back injuries, joint injuries, or soft tissue injuries.

Any of these injuries can lead to years of medical treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and diminishment of the life you expected to have. It is not only the cost of your treatment, but the loss of wages and opportunity, the loss of a business, the possible loss of your home, your freedom and independence, and every hope and dream in your life. When you hear of people suing for pain and suffering, those losses are the price they are paying for receiving damages.

The insurance company or lawyers representing the negligent property owner could care less about your injuries. They just want you to go away, and cost them as little as possible. You can go it alone and get ripped off, or you can call the Bronx personal injury law firm that will fight for your injury: Feiner & Lavy.

The lawyers at Feiner & Lavy know the tactics of the other guy’s lawyers and insurers, and we’re ready to take them on. We have our strategies and our techniques for squeezing out the kind of settlement that you and your family deserve and have earned literally with your blood and pain.

Don’t be a helpless victim! Get what you are entitled to! Talk to Feiner & Lavy today to make the other guy pay for his negligence that led to your injuries. We employ a highly capable and caring staff and investigators ready to help us prepare your claim, so you get a maximum settlement. We are a local Bronx law firm, and we know our neighborhoods, courts, and the people who live here. Call us today at 212-393-9130 for a free consultation and learn how we can help you.


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