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May 4, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
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Bodegas or convenience corner stores present a set of hazards for slip and fall accidents. If you are hurt in an accident at the corner store, call Feiner & Lavy for a free case evaluation.

A quick stop for a quart of milk, a cup of coffee and buttered roll for breakfast, the paper (yeah, some of us still want to read about the Yankees in the Post or Daily News) or a lottery ticket. This is a short list of things many people run to a corner store or bodega to grab. Small stores like this are often something of a nerve center in Bronx neighborhoods, and that’s a wonderful part of life in our borough.

The downside of these stores is that some are poorly maintained. Whether it’s because of owner negligence or another reason, you are entitled to a safe environment when you are shopping. If you are hurt while shopping in a bodega or corner store, you need the law firm that knows these stores and understands the hazards that may exist: the Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy.

Small, cramped stores provide a broad variety of opportunities for accidents to happen. From not putting out proper mats during foul weather to leaving spills on the floor to boxes carelessly placed in an aisle or produce that’s gotten squashed on the floor, the opportunities for a slip and fall accident are boundless. Often, these stores are run by only one person, and it seems that they can’t be everywhere at once, however they have a responsibility to you as a customer to provide a safe environment. If they don’t do that and you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, that is their negligence.

The lawyers at Feiner & Lavy know that small spaces cannot be equated with safe landing place. Actually, quite the contrary. Metal shelves, coolers, wire display racks can all add to the hazards in a store if someone suffers a slip and fall accident. The result can be broken bones, soft tissue injuries, back and neck injuries or a combination. This leads to expensive emergency care, rehabilitation, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If this happens to you, you are entitled to compensation. This is why Feiner & Lavy is here for you. We are here to fight with the business owner, his insurance company, and his lawyers to hold them accountable and get you what you deserve. You will not only need to be compensated for the bills you already incurred, but for future bills as your injuries may lead to long-term physical therapy and rob you of doing things you enjoy. Your very livelihood may be imperiled by the injuries you suffered that are the fault of another.

If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident in a Bronx corner store or bodega due to the negligence of the business or property owner, you need the scrappy Bronx law firm that will take the fight to them for you. Call the Bronx personal injury law firm that will stand up for you, your rights and get you the settlement you deserve: Feiner & Lavy.


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