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February 27, 2023by Yaniv Lavy

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One of the more dangerous places suffer a slip and fall accident is the supermarket. Anything that falls on the floor and isn’t cleaned up – grapes, lettuce leaves, milk, juice, cereal boxes, toys, candy…the list goes on – is a trip and fall or slip and fall hazard, and you could be a victim.

The Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy has managed cases involving all sorts of scenarios. One situation we know of was particularly difficult. A woman, elderly but active and healthy, slipped and fell due to a puddle of water that sat in the supermarket. She ended up suffering such debilitating injuries that she spent the rest of her life needing a mobility scooter to get around.

In less time than it’s taken you to read this far, her life was changed permanently. And it is situations like these that require the kind of care and determination that you will get from our personal injury law firm, Feiner & Lavy.

The responsibility for keeping aisles clear of hazards, whether they’re puddles of water or spilled grease from a rotisserie chicken or obstructing displays that are easily tripped over, lies with a store’s manager and owner. In premises liability cases like a supermarket slip and fall accident, this is where the buck often stops.

Store managers, owners and employees are the first to try to cover up the scene, and this is why we always tell our clients to file a police report and to try to locate any security cameras. These people are often fearful of a lawsuit and don’t want their boss to know that they may have not been paying attention to the condition of the store. Bronx supermarkets as Key Food, Fine Fare, C-Town, Shop Rite, Food Bazaar, Pioneer or your neighborhood independent grocer is so busy trying to sell customers a product that your safety may have taken a back seat.

Sadly, the floors in supermarkets are unforgiving. They are concrete slabs with asbestos tile glued down. When you slip on a grape or trip on a display, you can land hard on an inflexible surface and bad things are likely to happen. The fall can result in a broken arm, broken leg, fractured wrist, knee, elbow or shoulder. And in the worst case, you could end up with a head injury.

This is why you need a great law firm like Feiner & Lavy to help you get the best settlement possible. Even with video evidence and admissions of carelessness, an insurance company will fight very hard to avoid paying out money. A relentless law firm like ours is essential for you to be able to win enough money to help you get the attention you need and to compensate you for all you have suffered.

We are experts at getting you the maximum payment for personal injury cases in the Bronx, and this is why you should call or contact Feiner & Lavy today for a free case consultation.