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July 12, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
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Broken or hazardous sidewalks may be visually interesting to a photographer but they present a real and present danger to New Yorkers who do a lot of their getting around on foot.

The Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy is one of the leading advocates for people who are hurt in trip and fall or slip and fall accidents on sidewalks that are in poor repair or not maintained. Making the property owner pay the maximum settlement for your injury is our business.

So, what is a slip and fall vs. a trip and fall? As we have written before, a trip and fall usually involves someone falling forward due to an obstruction, like a sidewalk that has heaved due to a tree root or some other cause. A slip-and-fall is caused by someone losing their footing on a slippery surface and often results in a fall backward or onto a person’s side.

Causes for these kinds of accidents can be an uneven sidewalk, obstructions that are left in the sidewalk by a homeowner, an icy or poorly shoveled sidewalk in the winter, slippery substances on a sidewalk, or a water condition that results in a puddling condition. Each of these can be dangerous, and can result in a wide variety of injuries, such as:

  • A broken wrist or elbow, which can be a permanent condition;
  • A broken hip, requiring hip replacement surgery;
  • A knee injury that requires knee replacement;
  • A shoulder injury that can lead to surgery;
  • A back or head injury that can be permanently debilitating;
  • Whiplash due to a neck injury from the impact of a fall.

These are all difficult injuries. If the victim is elderly, a fall like this can result in permanent loss of independence and the need for care in a nursing home. If the victim is younger, the loss of wages and costs of medical intervention and rehabilitation can bankrupt a family.

Insurance companies and lawyers representing the homeowner are going to offer you pennies on the dollar because that’s their job. And they’ll try to tell you that their first offer is all the money you could ever hope to collect for your injuries.

This is not true! Feiner & Lavy, the Bronx personal injury firm who will fight for your injury settlement, is not going to be intimidated or back down from a tough challenge. We will take the insurance company and their lawyers to task, and they will pay a maximum settlement and part with more cash than you could ever hope to collect on your own.

Don’t let yourself be a helpless victim! Get what you are entitled to! The lawyers at Feiner & Lavy are here to hold accountable the people whose negligence led to your injuries. We employ a highly capable and caring staff and investigators ready to help us prepare your claim, so you will get a maximum settlement. We are a local Bronx law firm, and we know our neighborhoods, courts, and the people who live here. Call us today at 212-393-9130 for a free consultation and learn how we can help you.


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