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March 14, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
Bronx law firm for broken arm, broken leg, broken wrist, broken ankle
Suffering a broken leg, broken arm or other bone can be the first part of a very difficult experience, especially in the Bronx. If this has happened to you or a loved one, call Feiner & Lavy to get the kind of settlement you deserve and need.

A broken bone can be more than a minor setback.

Dealing with broken bones is something that the Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy deals with very often. We see the problems caused by these injuries, and we take the cases of clients who are severely affected by the injuries they suffered, especially those that involve a broken bone.

Broken bones are often not a simple matter, and there are a broad variety of types of breaks or fractures. For instance, a broken leg may be common but can be remarkably complicated. Your thigh bone, or femur, is the strongest bone in the body and the toughest one to break. A broken shinbone, which could be the tibia or fibula, can also be serious. If you’re not a grade schooler, you’ll quickly learn that walking with crutches is particularly difficult, so your mobility could be severely impaired and there may not be many alternatives.

Breaks that occur at a joint can be quite problematic. A broken ankle, elbow, shoulder or wrist can be very tricky in terms of your recovery. When considering your wrist, if you type or your livelihood involves any motion that requires you to move your wrist repeatedly – for instance, if you work as an administrative assistant, a cook, a cleaner or a painter – you will be sidelined until your broken wrist, or Colles fracture, heals. Even then, given the amount of time that physical therapy and rehabilitation can take, you could be looking for a new job. And if you don’t have the right kind of insurance, you could be out a lot of pay.

The unfair thing about many of these injuries is that they happen because of someone else’s negligence. Someone didn’t clean up a spill or maintain an area properly or put down mats in a slippery lobby. This isn’t just your bad luck, this is someone else being careless, and that is costing you big time.

At Feiner & Lavy, we take these things very seriously. We see the kind of damage that can be caused, the ripple effects in the lives of the people who come to us, and we promise you to fight as hard as we can to get you the best possible settlement for your injury. We know that the other guy will have their lawyers and other people who will try to buy you off cheap. We will not let that happen! We will make sure that you are treated with the respect and fairness that you deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered a broken bone due to the carelessness of another, call the Bronx medical injury law firm that will fearlessly fight for you: Feiner & Lavy.


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