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June 14, 2023by Yaniv Lavy
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Escalators are stairs with teeth. We know how much better it can be to take one than to ride the stairs, and they’re usually very safe, but stairs with teeth can mean big problems if you fall on an escalator.

As one of the best Bronx personal injury law firms, Feiner & Lavy was curious about how often escalator accidents happen in America. Every year, there are an average of six-thousand accidents on an escalator. Although we couldn’t find research telling us how many of those accidents happened in New York City, with many escalators in use, likely accounts for a significant part of the total.

Escalator accidents often occur because of maintenance problems. Moving stairways are devices that are in almost constant use, and some companies don’t spend as much on maintenance of an escalator as is needed. Accidents happen when a packed escalator stops suddenly or starts violently jerking. Spills that aren’t cleaned on escalators happen, like that little kid dropping his ice cream cone, and if not cleaned up, these can create a terrible slick that can lead to a slip and fall.

These aren’t hazards that need to be accepted as just a part of life, these are hazards that are the responsibility of the facility owners and managers to fix. If they don’t, this could be negligence. And if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to a large cash settlement.

Once someone is in the process of falling on an escalator, the amount of damage that occurs can be extensive. Those teeth on the stairs can tear apart skin, the hard metal surface is unyielding, and rolling down several stairs can result in broken bones, damaged knees, hips and elbows, or horrible back and neck injuries that may never fully heal. What’s more, a person’s hair can get caught in the mechanism, and this can lead to disfigurement. Beyond the physical damage, a person being treated for injuries on an escalator could need counseling to be able to deal with the aftermath of such an ordeal.

Facilities with escalators are often owned by big property operators, so this isn’t the kind of a fight you can take on yourself. You need a powerhouse in your corner. You need the lawyers who will fight for your injury settlement. You need the Bronx personal injury law firm of Feiner & Lavy.

As soon as you are in care for your injuries, call us. We will send out our staff and investigators to learn what happened and to begin building a strong case for you. Our commitment is to recover the maximum settlement possible so you will have the care necessary for your injuries, and the compensation you need for lost wages and pain and suffering.

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