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January 19, 2023by Yaniv Lavy

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Slip and fall injuries in the Bronx need an expert law firm. Call Feiner & Lavy to get the help you need to win a great settlement.

Falling down is no laughing matter. And it’s especially serious when the fall suffered is due to the negligence of someone else.

As a Bronx personal injury law firm, Feiner & Lavy can rattle off the statistics: there are millions of emergency room visits each year due to slip and fall or trip and fall accidents, and of these three million victims are elderly; more than 800-thousand of those injuries result in hospitalization; 20-percent of falls results in a serious injury.

What make up serious injuries? These can be broken bones, including arms, legs, wrists, elbows, shoulders and, perhaps most serious for an elderly victim, a fractured hip. Joint injuries can require rehab, possibly joint replacement, and a full range of motion may never be regained. There is also the chance that this could be even more serious, with a victim suffering a head or even brain injury as a result of a fall. Some falls result in death. Yes, falls are really no laughing matter.

Then there are the lesser injuries that may not require hospitalization but do require care. These include soft tissue injuries to the neck and back. These can stop someone’s life in its tracks and require months of routine rehab or more. These are also injuries that may never fully heal.

As Bronx personal injury lawyers, Feiner & Lavy sees these injuries frequently, and we know how difficult it is to have this happen to you. It’s not only hard on you, but its hard on your family, your friends, and others who count on you in life. Our practice is one that fights for a maximum injury settlement because it is the closest way we can find to make things right for you.

Injuries like this can occur anywhere and for a broad variety of reasons. You can fall on a sidewalk, in a building lobby, in a supermarket, in a parking lot, and the kind of negligent items, like spills that haven’t been cleaned up or hazards that sit in the middle of the floor, are also very varied. When you do this for as long as Feiner & Lavy, you realize that you can always be surprised by the circumstances that led to our client being injured.

We are experts at getting you the maximum payment for personal injury cases in the Bronx, and this is why you should call or contact Feiner & Lavy today for a free case consultation.