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February 6, 2023by Yaniv Lavy

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Slip and fall injuries in the Bronx need an expert law firm. Call Feiner & Lavy to get the help you need to win a great settlement.

Among the first challenges that we will have to figure out is who is at fault for the injury you suffered in your slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Even for an experienced Bronx personal injury law firm like Feiner & Lavy, this can require some serious investigating.

The truth about this is that it could be fully the fault of the property owner or a store operator or it could be a third party. You could even be partly responsible for your injuries. This is why it requires Feiner & Lavy to do careful work to determine exactly how we can pursue your personal injury case.

So, what if you suffer your fall in a convenience store or bodega. Who is could be responsible? There are many possibilities, but it could be the bodega owner or manager if there is a hazard in the store that wasn’t well marked, or nobody thought to put out slip-resistant mats during a downpour or snowstorm. It could be the building owner if the problem involved the sidewalk or maintenance of the property that isn’t the responsibility of the store operator. It could be a third party, like a soda delivery person who was carelessly spilling soda on the floor and never told the store operator that something happened that needed to be cleaned up.

There are some rules, like the times when a sidewalk must be cleared of snow after a storm, that a property owner must obey. If you fell because a snowy or icy condition continued for longer than the law required, that property owner is responsible, even though the rules in New York City can be pretty confusing.

It is important to have one of the best Bronx personal injury law firms, like Feiner & Lavy, representing you if you suffer a slip and fall because we really do sweat the details. With more than eight decades of experience, our lawyers have the knowledge and are aggressive in fighting for every dollar they can collect on your behalf.

We are experts at getting you the maximum payment for personal injury cases in the Bronx, and this is why you should call or contact Feiner & Lavy today for a free case consultation.